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Workshop LREC

Monday May 11 2020

Marseille, France​ 


To be announced

Invited Speaker

Arne Jönsson (Linköping University, Sweden)

Title and abstract to be announced

Aims of the Workshop

The workshop aims at presenting current state-of-the-art techniques and achievements for text simplification together with existing reading aids and resources for lifelong learning. The materials are addressed to children struggling with difficulties in learning to read, to the community of teachers, speech-language pathologists and parents seeking solutions, but also to those professionals involved with adults struggling with reading (illiterates, aphasic readers, low vision readers, etc.).

The workshop will to address the issue from a variety of domains and languages, including natural language processing, linguistics, psycholinguistics, psychophysics of vision, and education.

The workshop will act as a stimulus for the discussion of several ongoing research questions driving current and future research by bringing together researchers from various research communities involved with tackling difficulties in reading.

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